Light Up Monocle

10-7-2013Finished Products, Tutorials

This monocle was made to be used in a Dr. Who fan-series. It was inspired by Terminator (and similar). I’ve also made similar ones that are covered in fake leather,…

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Other Projects

09-30-2013All Posts, Finished Products, Works in Progress

I’ve been working on a few smaller projects that either aren’t finished, or don’t deserve a full post. Here’s a selection of some of them: I’m currently working on making…

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Paw Gloves

09-23-2013All Posts, Finished Products, Tutorials

  There’s really not much to this post: I forgot to take pictures while I was working on them. I’ll do my best to explain with words, however. I donated…

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Building (And Painting) A Custom Gaming Computer

09-17-2013All Posts, Finished Products

As a present for my brother, I put together a gaming computer. Not content to just pick out parts and plug them together, I decided to give it a sweet…

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Acrylic Headphone Hook

04-24-2013All Posts, Finished Products

My fiancĂ© has been looking for a way to keep her headphones out of the way and free up some desk space from the tangle of wires everywhere. It had…

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Medkit Sew-Along Part 2

04-5-2013All Posts, Finished Products, Tutorials

Part One is here: Medkit Sew-Along Part 1 Alright, let’s top-stitch those zippers in. Folder over about a half inch on the top and bottom of two of the 4.5×4…

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Medkit Sew-Along Part 1

04-3-2013All Posts, Tutorials, Works in Progress

One of my favorite games is Left 4 Dead (and its sequel). For some time now, I’ve been making and selling medkit bags on etsy. I figured now was the…

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How to Make and Properly Use a Home Budget

04-1-2013All Posts, Tutorials

Budgeting is vital to ensuring that you are spending your money on the things that matter, and that you have enough to handle any emergencies that might spring up. Setting…

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